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Lynda Hyde

Based in the beautiful Blue Mountains west of Sydney Australia, Lynda Hyde has had a career in the Arts for 40 years, as an artist, set and costume designer and as a performer in Contemporary Dance, Magic and Mime.

On leaving school she trained in drafting and worked for a time in the Australia Square offices of Australia’s foremost modernist architect Harry Seidler. This led to a fascination with the geometric form which was explored through painting. 

From 1978 to 1983 Lynda exhibited at SMAC Gallery in Croydon. She studied Relief Printing in the late 80’s at Waverley-Woollahra Arts School and in 2011 completed CIV Fine Arts and in 2012 Master Printmaking both at WSI NADC.

Lynda's current paintings are larger Geometric Abstractions in acrylic. These explore the Perception of Movement, Shifting Planes and Points of Focus. There is an intersection between Op Art, Hard-edge Geometric Abstraction and Colour Field painting that she loves and her larger works reflect this.

The work grows from the early European pioneers in the field of Perceptual Abstraction; Victor Vasarely, the father of the Op Art movement, and Zanis Waldheims and his “Geometrization of the Exhaustive Thought.”

Her last three Solo Exhibitions were all sold out and her work is held in private & corporate collections around Australia, Hong Kong and in the USA.

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