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Richard Reuys

In 2002 Reuys visitied an exhibition at Tate Liverpool, which left a lasting impression on him and sparked his enthusiasm for the arts. Shortly thereafter, he began to create his first own works, attended lectures in art history and visited many major museums, galleries and art spaces around the world to quench his desire for art.

Reuys creates a resonant visual language that reflects many of the contemporary societal and cultural issues. In his colorful, provocative works he addresses the viewers with partly severe and partly humorous means to persuade them to look thoroughly into the often serious topics treated in his art. And with references to literature, art, music, television or social media he takes a stand on topics such as religion, sexuality, inequity, gender, politics and life in general. Reuys wants to make a contribution to liberating mankind from prudery, confinement and narrow-mindedness. Only freedom makes free and gives peace.

His works convey a message and reflect our time the way he´s experiencing it. Reuys´ paintings are bright, partly provoking works, that often comment on issues with colorful and sometimes humorous statements. Furthermore, depending on each idea, he uses different techniques and materials and also combines them to express his intentions.

In some cases he creates works by letting the brush or the paint float over the canvas without adding any conscious thoughts to help himself getting over something or to satisfy his need for enjoyment. But in first order, he sees his mission in – even if it doesn´t look like it at first glance – making the world a better place by shaking people up.

Reuys started sharing his art publicly in late 2018. Since then he has exhibited in Germany, the Netherlands and the USA, while many of his works have made their way to international private collections.

Richard Reuys lives and works in Aschaffenburg.

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